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How We Do It


Budgeting, costing structures, taxes – they can be… well, boring! That is why our mission is to bring financial education and enterprise to life for young people.

Our motto: “Every young person must be wowed!”

We are often a young person’s first exposure to these topics and we know first impressions last – this is why we build programmes with young people themselves, through our Youth Advisory Panel.

We take a holistic approach to education, catering for audio, visual and kinaesthetic learners with many extensions and ability variations. Using real life case studies, colourful resources, games, videos and links to popular culture, we enable young people to gain practical skills like budgeting and explore and form their own opinions regarding their relationship with money and enterprise.

When working with vulnerable young people, we combine activities with discussions, personal experiences and story sharing. Some of these young people have low self-confidence around money management and lack the ‘soft skills’ needed for enterprise, so our programmes challenge negative attitudes, and build self-belief and aspirations that help them move forward financially.

How do we achieve this?


Delivered by specialist and experienced trainers who know the field.


MyBnk offer a fresh approach to personal finance. We embrace creative and new teaching methods to maximise the impact and learning for young people, and our brand, website and materials have won praise and awards for their innovative nature.


From taking out an interest free loan to starting their first business to figuring out which supermarket deal is giving them the best value for money, young people learn by doing. Our approach is inspired by young people themselves – our Youth Advisory Panel meet regularly and advise MyBnk on our topics, brand, resources and more.


Programmes are designed to be suitable for a wide range of young people in different settings, allowing for different abilities and learning styles ensuring that nobody is left behind. We measure the impact of our programmes and our quality assurance system drives continuous improvement.


We use real life stories, examples and videos to bring money and business to life. We draw on experiences from popular culture, current affairs and the experience of the group and their peers. We create a forum for young people to put their questions to our experts, clarifying terms and dispelling any misconceptions they may have.

Quality & Training


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MyBnk strives to develop and deliver educational programmes that ‘wow’ and ‘delight’ young people – conveying appropriate learning in an exciting way, leaving them with a positive memorable experience and a desire to learn more about money beyond the ‘classroom’.

If you do something you might as well do it properly. This is more true than ever when looking at important topics such as finance, business and employability. That is why we employ full-time paid professionals with a background of working with young people.

Trainers are rigorously trained and tested in the core subject knowledge behind the programmes. Once certified, our Quality & Training Team monitor the quality of ongoing deliveries, provide additional CPD, updates for trainers and analyse data to feedback into our programme development and approach.

The results of our approach can be seen in our impact studies thanks to a dedicated Impact Centre that monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of MyBnk’s workshops.


Out of mainstream education


DSC_0221Our out of school approach shifts, especially when working with vulnerable young people.

Some of these young people also have low self-confidence around money management, so our programmes contain a strong element of challenging negative attitudes, building self-belief and aspirations to move forward financially.

Tailored specifically to the target group and exploring personal money experiences, together we identify young people’s misconceptions and bad financial habits – ultimately breaking down the barriers to independent living and supporting those trapped in debt or struggling with the costs of living.

We combine activities, discussions, lots of examples, personal experiences and story sharing. The content of our programmes is flexible to respond to learners’ needs and circumstances.