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Back-to-Back Bank Launches


Not one, but two MyBnk-in-a-Box branches launched this week!

Students at Mount Carmel School opened their very own bank to some very V.I.Ps including:

  • John S. Gilbert, Managing Director of JP Morgan, Benelux and Nordic Region.
  • Mayor of Islington, Cllr Jilani Chowdhury.

Next up was Forest Gate Community School and Year 9 MyBnker, Tanweent  was taking his new role very seriously: “what we are doing, helping people our age learn to save is critical for the future”.

Forest Gate and Mount Carmel now join five other London microfinance schemes. Opening once a week at lunchtime, pupils now have an accessible place to learn about money and saving, by doing it for real.

And what did our guests think?

After the launches, Ronke Lawal said:

“MyBnk is an inspirational initiative. Seeing how enthusiastic the pupils at Mount Carmel were to take part and start saving is a clear indication of how vital this initiative is. I fully support and encourage the work being done and hope it is replicated across London and the UK.”

John Gilbert added:

“JPMorgan is thrilled to be able to continue to support MyBnk and programmes such as these at Mount Carmel.  The skills and judgement these kids will acquire will help them in every facet of life.  Moreover, the fun and confidence they can gain will hopefully inspire them in the future.  If you can gain a good understanding of money, how and why to save, and when to borrow to invest in yourself, you are well down the path to success in life.”




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