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Demotivator Raffle Competition! Global Money Week

9-18 year olds, how much would you save if you swerved that can of coke every lunch break for a month? Share your Demotivator and savings pledge to try and win a smartphone, starter savings cash or headphones from the world famous Ministry of Sound!

jerome taylor example sheetTo enter just hit the link, right click, save it, print it, share it and emailTweet or Facebook us a snap to be in it to win it. The most creative posters and savings commitments will be showcased on our website ahead of the prize draw! Make sure you add your name, age, location and contact details.

Demotivator poster

Adults, see this quick guide on how to plan a lesson around the Demotivator.

Head on over to our dedicated GMW page for more & see our action packed Newsletter

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Global Money Week 2015


MyBnk has joined a worldwide alliance of 120 countries and three million young people to raise awareness of financial education for young people – It’s Global Money Week 2015 (GMW)!

From 9-13 March, in association with Children and Youth Finance International, through competitions, special events and new free resources, we will be reaching thousands of 11-25 year old in money master classes, youth-led saving banks and marketplace enterprise loan challenges across the UK and beyond.

The theme for this year: “Save today. Safe tomorrow.”

Across the globe worldwide activities are being held to engage children, youth and their communities in learning how money works, the importance of saving, how to create a sustainable livelihood, how to gain employment, and how to become an entrepreneur.

Head on over to our dedicated GMW page for more & see our action packed Newsletter

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MyBnk to run Jack Petchey Youth Awards Scheme


Jack P

MyBnk has received award status from the Jack Petchey Foundation!

This allows us to reward young people’s efforts for helping improve the quality and effectiveness of financial education and enterprise programmes.

Young people on our Youth Advisory Panel, and running MyBnk-in-a-Box school saving schemes, will nominate their peers for awards and prizes of up to £200! Meaning trips and engaging experiences of their choice.

Want a shot?

It is also a fantastic opportunity for other 11-25 year olds, passionate about helping young people meet the challenges of the modern world, to get involved!

Contact for more info.


Walthamstow Jack Petchy Award

And here is our first winner, Remsha, 13, a who helps run Walthamstow Secondary School for Girls, London!

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Statement – Financial Education, Citizenship Subject Content


IMG_8801 (1280x853)MyBnk has joined leading financial education charities expressing concern at the absence of financial education in the testing requirements for GCSE Citizenship.

We were delighted that money lessons became compulsory for state schools in England, entering the national curriculum in September 2014. MyBnk’s experts mapped our programmes to the new criteria and the results are very promising.

Specifically, the curriculum states that Key Stage 4 pupils will be taught income and expenditure, credit and debt, insurance, savings and pensions, financial products and services, and how public money is raised and spent.

This month the Department for Education published the content for the GCSE Citizenship examination which only referenced how public money is raised and spent and completely ignored personal financial education. Young people will not be tested on things like budgeting, banking and interest rates.

Independently, our organisations had used the opportunity of a consultation to express the view that the GCSE specification should be wider. As a sector we are deeply concerned that the Department has ignored this. We believe the decision will hinder the stated aim to ensure pupils “are equipped with the skills to think critically and debate political questions, to enable them to manage their money on a day-to-day basis, and plan for future financial needs”.

Wider concerns

This decision also exacerbates our concerns regarding timetabling pressures, the absence of extra funding and limited specialist teacher training, all of which risks resulting in schools struggling to become experts and to deliver quality and impactful lessons.

While we accept that only a small minority of students will formally study GCSE Citizenship Studies, the absence of personal finance education in examination will influence how the subject is taught and will likely permeate to the priority and depth of lessons given to all students

Financial education contributes greatly to Citizenship, such as learning about pensions within context of ageing population, the role of pay-day lenders and the impact on credit and debt. But the final specifications does not do this, merely granting a narrow focus to government finance.

What is next?

ThLetter for Schools Ministere Youth Financial Capability Group (MyBnk, IFS University College, The Money Charity, National Skills Academy) and pfeg, sent a letter to Schools Minister Nick Gibb, noting these concerns and petitioning for a revised outcome.

The challenge now is to make sure that relevant, unbiased and effective financial education is delivered to every young person.

Please see our letter to the Schools Minister, here.



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Annual Report 2015 – Co-CEO’s Message


DSC_0774It has been another remarkable year as MyBnk equipped over 35,000 young people with vital finance and business skills. 

Our national footprint grew as we launched programmes in the South West and consolidated our partnerships in the North. Internationally, via Consultation and Collaboration projects, MyBnk trained organisations from Wales, Italy and Brunei, successfully tested in-country training in Uganda, and helped adapt our programmes to local needs.

We were delighted that financial education became compulsory for state schools in England, entering the National Curriculum in September 2014. We mapped our programmes to the new criteria months before statutory introduction and the results are very promising. The challenge now is to make sure it is effectively delivered to every young person. Demand soared for Money Twist, our flagship schools programme, which aims to wow young people about money and more than meets the new curriculum requirements.

Together with peer organisations, we formed the Youth Financial Capability Group to collectively push for effective, relevant and unbiased financial education. We have formed a Teacher Advisory Panel and contributed to the young person strand of the Money Advice Service’s UK Financial Capability strategy.

quote 1

With help from our generous supporters, MyBnk’s Impact Centre was launched to help us ensure and improve ‘what works’ through training, quality control, evaluation and programme development. Our efforts were recognised with an Award and Impact Validation from Project Oracle, London’s first children and youth evidence hub. With the support of the Big Lottery Fund,IMG_8701 Reversed (800x557) we doubled our reach through our three enterprise programmes, which were also highlighted in ‘Enterprise Tsar’, Lord Young’s schools report, as an example of best practice.

MyBnk continues to innovate. Money Works, our ‘survival money management’ programme for those living independently, was extended, accredited and improved. We also piloted a sporty version of Money Twist for delivery outside classrooms, and tested a more in-depth enterprise project with young adults.

This year will be both exciting and challenging. Hours delivered will grow faster than the number of young people reached, as we target the more vulnerable through Money Works. Enterprise delivery will grow significantly and content will deepen as we continue to embed employability. We will use the lessons learnt from Sporty Money Twist and, potentially, cater for younger children and their parents. Outside England we plan more international partnerships.

The youth charity sector is constantly changing and our targets are subject to the revenue we raise and support we receive. We thank our team, partners, teachers, youth workers, funders and of course, the young people who work with us, for making this a breakthrough year for financial and enterprise education.

Please enjoy our new Annual Report 2013/14!


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Join us for ‘Business Bants’ off Brick Lane!

Happy 2015! 

We are kicking off the New Year with an evening of food, wine and debate at “Business Bants”, a MyBnk HQ event featuring some of the most exciting young entrepreneurs in the UK.  Register here.   

The evening will feature cabaret star Tara Siddall (yes she will sing for us!), teenage tech talent George Burgess, Ollie Forsyth, and food start-up, Pierluigi Catilli, who will be dishing out Colombian street food Patacon.

Samantha Moyo will tell us about Morning Gloryville, one of the fastest spreading movements that sees people across the country rave their way into the day.  We will also hear from Bejay Mulenga, the teen entrepreneur behind Supa Academy and who recently introduced the Chancellor George Osborne to the Conservative Party Conference.

I hope you can make it. 

With best wishes,

Lily Lapenna, Co-CEO & Founder, MyBnk.


Please RSVP via EventBrite here

For updates please follow @MyBnk & #mybnkbusinessbants on Twitter.

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The year that was: 2014!


IMG_8787Welcome to our action packed celebration of a truly knockout 2014 on the frontline of financial education and enterprise for young people!

This year saw the introduction of compulsory money lessons into the secondary national curriculum for the first time. There were big drops in youth unemployment, unity in the sector with the formation of the Youth Financial Capability Group and yes, MyBnk helped our 100,000th young person learn to manage their money and start their own enterprise.

However, we continue to face challenges and are barely scratching the surface in bringing high quality and impactful financial capability programmes and enterprise experiences to the UK’s 7.4 million 16-24 year olds.

Youth unemployment is still stubbornly high, as are the number of long term jobless youths and Neets. Finally, the limited introduction of financial education to the national curriculum, lack of post GCSE provision, proposals for testing and restrictions on teachers time and training means huge gaps in provision remain.

Here is how we have been tackling these issues in the last 12 months:

  • Delivering over 5,000 hours of expert-led programmes to 31,489 young people via 261 host organisations across 59 local authorities. 45% of these hosts were state secondary schools, helped by funders like Prudential and Comic Relief. Delivery out-of-school, like Leaving Care Units, was supported by the City Bridge Trust and enterprise projects by the Big Lottery Fund.
  • Helping nearly 1,000 young adults tackle debt and make important financial decisions in 653 hours of 1-2-1 Money Advice Service sessions in community settings, such as housing associations and community centres.
  • Accrediting 474 young people with ABC Level 1 Personal Money Management  certificates through our debt intervention project, Money Works.
  • Mapping our workshops to the new National Curriculum requirements.
  • Forming a Teachers Advisory Panel with other members of the Youth Financial Capability Group.
  • Spreading awareness of financial literacy to 80,000 young people across the globe during Learn Money Week with workshops, free resources and competitions.
  • Piloting new physical financial education programmes with Activate Sport and delivering via the National Citizens Service.
  • Winning the Evidence Award and achieving Standard Three validation from Project Oracle – proving the impact of our programmes.
  • Launching new youth-led banking schemes at Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls and Walthamstow School for Girls and receiving ‘WOW’ banker applications.
  • Sharing our stories with media like The Guardian, BBC Radio 4 and The Economist and wider civil society via our Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  • Contributing to investigations and consultations with the Department for Education and the think tank Centre for Social Justice.
  • Running pop-up shops with young people via Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and helping students at Pupil Referral Units make big market day profits.
  • Adding, with the help of our Youth Advisory Panel, new social enterprise products to our direct selling workshop, Enterprise-in-a-Box.
  • Presenting our programmes, methodology and the amazing achievements of young people at events hosted by the Money Advice Service, JP Morgan, People’s Post Code Lottery, The Economist Retail Banker Summit and Unltd.

MG_St Giles Trust_07What is next?

We cannot wait to get stuck into 2015 and start exciting new delivery projects with the Asfari Foundation and ING Bank and expansion projects via Awards for All and Franklin Templeton. MyBnk will also continue to develop our new Impact Centre which proves and improves the quality and delivery of our programmes.

Stay tuned for January as we circulate our new Annual Report, release the chin stroking findings of the MyBnker Savers Survey and launch a brand new microfinance savings scheme at St Michael’s Catholic College.

We cannot do it alone….

As a growing charity, we rely on the kind donations of our supporters, and every contribution is invaluable to us. MyBnk are working hard to raise funds to continue our vital work with young people and with your help we can do it!

Just £12 will arm a young person with real life money skills that will enable them to take control of their finances and reduce the risk of debt and poverty.

Donating can make a direct and instant impact on the lives of young people across England, to move into independent living, including vulnerable young people not in mainstream education.

Find out howDonate.PNG you can help build a financially literate and enterprise driven generation.


Merry Christmas from everyone at MyBnk and have a super savvy New Year!

MyBnk Christmas

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Guest blog: Experiences with MyBnk


My name is Akera and I’m a student on the Prince’s Trust 12 week team programme. For part of my course I had to do a three week work placement but the twist was that as the student I had to arrange it all myself.

That is how I found myself at MyBnk.

By Akera Campbell, 20.

I’ll admit, I was nervous about my first day, would I fit in with the MyBnk structure? As soon as I entered the MyBnk HQ my fears were put to rest, each and every person is lovely and unique in their own way and they used that to make me feel more and more comfortable day after day which was really helpful. It helped me to escape my shell of being really shy and withdrawn which I have always used as my default when going into a new setting but I wasn’t in my shell for as long as I usually am purely because of the friendliness.

During my twenty years of life, I have never had any form of financial education or enterprise knowledge what so ever. It is truly a blessing to have MyBnk going to schools and informing young adults about this powerful tool. I could have done with knowing about this when I was growing up as it is a useful tool to now infuse into my daily life.


I got to observe a Back My Business session which was fantastic! At first I didn’t think I was going to understand it. During secondary school I failed business studies but it was massively difficult because I didn’t understand the jargon. So I’d usually just bury my head in the sand, and not acknowledge it until it was too late to do anything about it, but funnily enough I learnt a lot from this session. Back My Business got the students to really think about what could entice their audience to want to buy their product. It really brought out their entrepreneurial side. It was exciting seeing this session in action and seeing the enterprise side of MyBnk. Understanding the finance side of it all was important to and I got to see a Money Twist KS4 and Uni Dosh session as well.

I have really enjoyed being a part of the MyBnk team, going out and observing sessions and getting to know everyone here. It has been a wonderful experience and I’m glad I received the chance to better myself because of it. It has changed me for the better. I’ve more than strived I have thrived in this environment (even though I may have gained a little bit of weight due to cake and chocolate surrounding me!). I hope I am welcome to come back and help out in the future.


After work placement I will be going on to my last leg of my Prince’s Trust 12 week team program. This will be to fundraise in order for my team to teach children in Mitcham how to do fencing. We will be doing a cake sale and a sponsored walk to fundraise. Following after that my team and I will be doing our final presentation and performing it in front of friends and family. I may be singing during this time but may not. (If I do I hope I don’t mess up and get stage fright *fingers crossed*)

After the program I will hopefully go on to work on an administrative apprenticeship, get a job in the business administration field and  continue volunteering at MyBnk and get involvded with their Youth Advisory Panel!

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British Council & Thai delegates social enterprise visit


MyBnk’s co CEO, Guy Rigden, and Head of Training and Quality, Steve Korris, were pleased to host a delegation from Thailand organised by the British Council this month.

Delegates included experts from finance, education and social innovation. We had a wide ranging discussion on how social enterprise works in England and MyBnk’s specific model and activities and how we work with international partners.

We hope to stay in contact in the future and bring MyBnk to Thailand one day!

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Global Entrepreneurship Week Day 5 – Backing Businesses at St Gabriel’s College


While MyBnk’s Global Entrepreneurship week began with the opening session of our Back my Business programme at the Ark Academy in Wembley, Students at St Gabriel’s College were moving on to the second stage of the programme.

With the Year 10 students of St Gabriel’s College having already submitted their business proposals, part two of Back my Business saw twelve students from year 9 and 11 forming groups and judging which three programmes would be heading through to the next round.


The young people involved had volunteered to judge the entries in their free time, and were enthusiastic in selecting the winning applicants. Each group were given four business ideas to choose from, with the best of each being selected to earn an interest free loan from Mybnk.



“Some of the ideas are so great and original. It’s really cool to see students creating their own business ideas.” Sylvie, 15.

After much debate and deliberation, it was decided that the three business ideas going forward would be a pancake stall, a cookie stand, and an American dining experience. Selling food was clearly a popular choice among the young people and seen as a solid business option, dominating the three available places.

With three successful applications chosen, soon it will be time for the year 10 students of St Gabriel’s college to test their business ideas and attempt to make a profit!


“I wish we had done a Mybnk Back my Business session when I was in year 10. It’s really fun and gives you real business experience.” Siobhan, 16. 

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