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Impact Centre


What is the need?

IMG_7495Without educational programmes that can be refined and improved, we risk losing our ability to innovate and change young people’s lives.

The impact of our award winning financial and enterprise education programmes has improved year-on-year and we have developed a strong monitoring and evaluation system to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work.

However, youth culture is an ever changing environment where delivery must keep up and remain relevant to the needs of young people. MyBnk has to invest in updating our programmes, both in terms of content and delivery methodology, to ensure they remain effective and reflect changes in the benefits and financial systems and the world of work.

We have launched the MyBnk Impact Centre, a specialist unit dedicated to sustaining and innovating our core programmes. The group will provide cutting edge evaluation, youth culture analysis, programme development and training for those delivering our work.

  •  Train leading educators to deliver with impact. Each year we will train up to 35 educators to deliver MyBnk programmes to over 50,000 young people. Our training delivers quality financial and enterprise knowledge, develops young people’s skills and boosts their confidence. Our motto is “every young person must be wowed!”
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation. We are a ‘’learning organisation’’ that constantly improves what we do and how we do it. To achieve this goal we will collect data about the financial and enterprise habits of over 50,000 young people to track our performance, measure our results and assess our impact. We will do this by collecting and analysing information on the young people we help and the penetration of our services among the populations we help.
  • Next generation programmes. The data we collect and the direct feedback we receive from schools and young people improves the quality and content of our programmes. Where impact is high we will find out why and maximise this approach; where programmes need improvements, we will redesign them. Continuous refinement will help us develop next generation programmes to remain relevant, fresh and responsive to young people’s changing needs.

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