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Financial Education: Money Twist KS2

A series of free, highly interactive financial education workshops for primary schools, designed to help set positive money habits and mind-sets from an early age. Read more

Format: 3 X 90 minute workshops delivered over 6 weeks - Assembly - Teacher Resources - Homework challenges.

Target Group: 7-11 year olds. Upper & lower KS2 available.

Group Size: 12-30 young people

Financial Education: Money Twist KS2 Information Sheet PDF

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Expert-led sessions are complemented by teacher resources and homework challenges that deepen outcomes and applies learnings to the ‘real world’.

MyBnk’s unique and engaging activities teach young people to become informed consumers, savvy savers, and mindful spenders by making finance fun.

Sessions include:

  • My Money: Value & importance of money, where money comes from, personal relationship with money.
  • My Choices: Spending, shopping, prioritising, needs & wants, budgeting, self-reflection.
  • My Future: Planning for the future, saving, earning money, money motivation, and vision based goal-setting.

Money Twist involves writing, presenting, drawing, maths and problem- solving. We use real life case studies, colourful resources, games, videos and popular culture, enabling students to explore and form their own opinions regarding their relationship with money.

Underpinning behaviour change is the development of executive functions. The concept of delayed gratification is a main tenet throughout the programme. Activities cater for a variety of learning styles, with extensions and ability variations.

Money Twist is based on Ofsted financial education guidelines and references OECD PISA and MAS frameworks. Multiple workshops can be run simultaneously to allow several classes to take part at once.

This programme is part of the Money Advice Service’s What Works Fund –  examining the effectiveness of financial education interventions.