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English Delivery Partners


MyBnk currently deliver programmes to young people in London, the South West, the North West via the Cumbria Youth Alliance and the North East via Five Lamps.

We want to reach as many young people as possible and are offering the opportunity to become a MyBnk Delivery Partner. MyBnk will support you to deliver our proven financial education and enterprise programmes to young people in your area.

MyBnk Partnership Pack.

What do we offer?

  • A licence to deliver MyBnk education programmes in your area.
  • Training and on-going support in the delivery of these education programmes.
  • Regular updates as things in the world of finance and business change.
  • Monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Membership of a network of Trainers delivering MyBnk programmes, sharing best practice and inputting into programme development.
  • Business and financial planning tools and support.
  • Optional training on sales, fundraising, social media and PR.
  • Support with securing start-up funding for the project.

You can choose to offer some or all of MyBnk’s finance or enterprise education programmes.

We are flexible as to the size of the geographical area in which you operate. We would decide this with you, based on your organisation’s current reach and the number of staff you will dedicate to the project.

What type of Partners are we looking for?

To be considered as a MyBnk Partner you should:

  • Already deliver learning programmes to young people.
  • Understand the needs of your local community and how to access it.
  • Be a legally incorporated organisation, but your structure does not matter.
  • Be able to dedicate at least one full-time staff member to this project.
  • Share core values with MyBnk.

What type of Trainers are we looking for?

Our motto is “Every young person must be wowed”. We aim to ignite young peoples enthusiasm for learning about money and business. MyBnk is often a young person’s first exposure to these topics and we know that first impressions last. To do this we train you to follow MyBnk’s SUPER ethos.

We also ask that those delivering MyBnk programmes are doing it as the major part of their role. We can train multiple people, as long as they:

  • Work full time on MyBnk if they are delivering all of the MyBnk programmes, OR
  • Work at least 50% of a full time position if they are delivering just the finance or enterprise education programmes.

How much time will it take?

Training is a combination of individual study (accessing our core knowledge files), direct training by MyBnk in the SUPER method, observation, training in the programmes to be delivered and co-delivery and evaluation. You can expect to take approximately:

  • 5 weeks: Education training – finance AND enterprise programmes.
  • 3 weeks: Education training – finance OR enterprise programmes.
  • up to 1 week: Operational, sales, marketing and PR training.

We would expect this training to take place during the first two to three months of the Partnership.

Financial Information

Your income

Delivery of our programmes can be paid for from a variety of sources:

  • Charitable income from trusts, companies and private donors.
  • Sales to schools and other host organisations.
  • Local authority and other government contracts.

We are able to work with partners who wish to operate fully as a business, funded by charitable income, or a blend of both.

Your costs

There is a training fee for to become a certified MyBnk Trainer which depends upon the number of programmes to be taught. As a guide to train one person is approximately:

  • £10,000 for all four financial programmes.
  • £7,000 for all three enterprise programmes.

In addition, we charge an Intellectual Property fee depending on the programmes licenced. If you require training in operations, facilitation and so on then we will charge based on time required.

In practice partners tend to start with fewer programmes and there are significant economies for you if we train more than one person at a time.

Next steps

If you would like to find out more, including detailed financial information, or to come and see MyBnk in action then please contact Guy Rigden on 020 7377 8770 or email