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Young People

MyBnk Youth Advisory Panel

DSC_0489One of the most important parts of MyBnk.

Members advise us on all sorts of different things, from what young people want to know about money and business and the design of our materials, to promoting MyBnk’s work.

Want to get involved?


OWait! Before you go any further….

Are you a savvy saver? Big spender? Or a born entrepreneur?

Play the quiz and click your character to find out.

Plus you get to see what kind of spender/splurger you actually look like.

LinksHere are our pals who can help you with a range of £ and business questions with neat tool, calculators and guides.

You are what you spend/save.


Money stuff

Whether you are choosing your first bank account or saving for your first car CLICK HERE for lots of ways to manage your money.

We also have a straight forward budget planner.

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