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The MyBnk Quiz!

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Welcome to the MyBnk Quiz

Play the MyBnk Quiz to discover if you are…

Entrepreneur: Someone who uses money to make money. They have a ‘can-do’ attitude, and a creative imagination. They like to grab the opportunities around them to start projects with the money they earn or borrow, to make a profit and/or help the community.

Saver: Someone who thinks of the future. They usually have long term goals, and keep some of their money to reach these. These goals can be anything from starting a business (if the saver is also an entrepreneur), to buying more expensive things (if the saver is also a spender).

Spender: Someone who thinks of the now. They’re likely to spend any money they get straightaway, and may often be left broke! They don’t usually save much, nor think of ways they could make their money go further.

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