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Why would a young person want to be a banker?


Trust, suspicion and er, naffness! Studies have shown that young people just don’t like banks. Why then, would a 13-year-old ever want to be a banker or work in financial services?

Well, we asked them and the response knocked our socks off. MyBnk-in-a-Box is our flagship financial education programme for schools where we train pupils to run their very own in-house online saving and lending scheme for their peers. Our Education Officers and teachers act as mentors and the ‘MyBnkers’ run savings and enterprise competitions with real money, real loans and real profits.

Last year these bankers were savers, and it’s interesting how often words like ‘legacy’ appear and that they ‘want to help people save, want to learn about banking and want to be better with money’.

Here is what a bunch of the forty-odd applicants from Walthamstow School for Girls had to say (click to enlarge):



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