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Youth Advisory Panel - 21/09/13

Last time round….21/09/13

MyBnk chucked us four things, help build an app, jazz up a new enterprise programme, learn how to build a website and er, quiz a big time movie director!

  • YouthNet give young people help and advice online. They sought our help in building a money management app to stop young people getting into debt and find a way out of it. There are already a lot of tools and slider style money apps out there, the trick here was to make it stand out and make young people want to play. There is no point in trying to make GTA we told them, simplicity was key.
  • Mind Your Own Business is a new enterprise education programme, we gave the MyBnk people some feedback on the two week boot camp style initiative ahead of their launch.
  • Free Forward gave us a workshop on how to write html and code our own websites – the basics of creating a website by writing code. In a few minutes we were making our own websites from Nicolas Cage to Assassin’s Creed ones. There was instant impact! “I revamped my entire Tumblr theme after the session, it looks really pretty now!” Siti, 20.
  • Finally we had a Q&A with Menhaj Huda the Director of Kidulthood! He spoke about his experiences and how he got into the film industry. It was a a brilliant opportunity to find out about a different industry works and how we can get into it.