Brixton Business Brains

Written by , November 7, 2012

    What do you get when you give 7 young people with serious entrepreneurial...



What do you get when you give 7 young people with serious entrepreneurial savvy the chance to create, implement and evaluate their own business in a competitive environment using real money in a real marketplace? A frantic week of t-shirt designing, midnight cup-cake baking and friendly competition, that’s what.




Through IntoUniversity, we were lucky enough to meet Jeffery, Sabine, Chloe, Shaquille, Ramon, Thomas, Carolyn. These guys only met at the end of October but had two bone-fide businesses by the 3rd of November, when they took to Brixton Market to flog their wares.


It was VERY cold and took a while to get custom but the groups didn’t let that get them down.



Official vibes sold out all their t-shirts and even swapped email addresses with other businesses! They made a total of £90! They paid back their £34 loan and had £56 to split between 4. They spent an hour after the session tweeting and adding info to their website. They spoke to the market manager and hope to have a stall there again in a few weeks. No prizes for guessing what the MyBnk office are wearing A/W2012.





The girls group ‘yum yum’ did a great job too selling cupcakes and jewellery. ‘Buy a cake to go with your coffee’ became a strong sales tactic early on. They made £50 so were still able to pay MyBnk back £20 loan and have a profit.







After the market, Shaquille said:


‘I think this will help me as it’s much more than just a textbook’.


We’re so proud of everyone at Brixton’s IntoUniversity and had an amazing BusinessBattle with many firsts: a website, a twitter account and future market days for one of the teams. We’re really excited to work with Official Vibes in the future and encourage everyone to check them out on Twitter (@official_vibes) and their official website via the links below.