“Personified energy!” – Sir Alec Reed @ Global Entrepreneur Week

Written by , November 19, 2012

The future? Work for yourself. This Global Entrepreneur Week, MyBnk helped 1,300 young people at...

The future? Work for yourself.

This Global Entrepreneur Week, MyBnk helped 1,300 young people at 42 events in 19 schools and youth groups, learn about enterprise, by doing it for real!

10 million people in 130 countries took part and there were loans challenges, social enterprise training workshops and idea generators galore.

One special event was Back My Business at St Martins-in-the-Field Secondary School for Girls.

Sir Alec Reed CBE, the founder of Reed recruitment joined our officers and helped students form and pitch their ideas for interest free investments of £40 each.

The millionaire entrepreneur told Lambeth youths the future was DIY:

“The job market is getting tougher and tougher to penetrate. Working for yourself will become the norm. So, promise me one thing, today, get a notepad, write down one idea a week, just one!”

Young people in the UK are currently three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and while more than half of the population would like to start their own business, less than 5% actually do.


One idea, Click, caught his eye.

A student had a professional camera and another badge making machine. Their team would take snaps of students and sell personalised items in school. It echoed his early start in enterprise, when, as a young 10 year old, making and selling toy soldiers.

Other ideas included Jerk Wings & Tings, handmade clothes for the winter and cards and cakes for the Christmas.

“The pupil’s ideas were numerous, imaginative, yet realistic and possible. MyBnk enthusiasm engaged the lively class completely”.


Seven teams made it through stage one, the panel decides who gets the money next week and then MyBnk gets their products market ready.

Helen Smith, Assistant Headteacher called Back My Business a:

“Wonderful opportunity to develop essential life and work skills. It was great to see the girls so engaged and excited. Their pitches were so creative”.

And teachers! If your belly is still rumbling for more things enterprise, head over to the Global Entrepreneurship Week website or better yet, check our Free Resources page.



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