Future £! FT & MyBnk bring it to life @ City of London Academy

Written by , May 15, 2013

“I now know how to choose the bank that’s right for me” Leah, 12. Leah,...

“I now know how to choose the bank that’s right for me” Leah, 12.

Leah, plus 199 fellow students at City of London Academy Southwark looked to the future this week in back-to-back money masterclasses!

As part of MyBnk’s Community Partnership with the Financial Times, we are arming 440 young people with the skills and know how to manage money. First up to take the Money Twist were Year 8 pupils who played, wrote, drew, presented, crunched numbers, solved puzzles and invented a currency for the future (it’s all in the eyes!).

We tackled:

  • Banking.
  • Interest.
  • Ethical finance.
  • The flow of money between different institutions.

The idea is to get young people thinking about money from a personal point of view and identify factors to help them make that first and sometimes biggest financial decision: where should I bank?

We used real life case studies, colourful resources, games and videos drawn from their age group and popular culture, enabling students to explore and form their own opinions regarding their relationship with money.

Next up, hundreds of Sixth Formers will get a taste of the real money deal when they go to university in, Uni Dosh – a specialised workshop on independent living and student finance.

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