GEW – Day 3, Social Enterprise, here’s one we made earlier….

Written by , November 20, 2013

  Yesterday we met young people who were just starting their journey to becoming social...


Yesterday we met young people who were just starting their journey to becoming social entrepreneurs, On Day Three  of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we meet the finished articles at Ark Academy, Wembley!

In part one of Enterprise-in-a-Box, each team of pupils was given 17 environmentally-friendly Seedboms to sell. They were trained up on the best selling techniques and learnt all about social enterprise and they then went away and attempted selling for themselves.

Two weeks later they present back to their peers on what they learnt and how much money they made with powerpoints, roleplay and posters.

“I think this is important because not everyone wants to be a doctor or an astronaut, some people will need these skills to start their own businesses. I learnt you have to be helpful and considerate to your customers, we split the Seedboms equally between our group so we all had a chance to sell some and we made £49! I really enjoyed it.” Heba, 12.

Students said they learnt new skills such as selling techniques and how to deal with customers as well as improving their communication skills while selling their Seedboms. They had creative ways of presenting back to the class and reflecting on what they had done well and needed to do better if they tried the project again, some students even saying they plan on continuing to sell their Seedboms, one even came up with her own slogan for when she sells, ‘damp and dreary to fun and bright’.

The six teams altogether made a whopping total of £151.60!

“I think teaching social enterprise is important because it is a skill that people can use in the future, you need to listen carefully and pay attention to everything and plan ahead! You also need to know everything about your product before you try and sell it and MyBnk taught me this. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I’d recommend other schools to give it a try!” Mohamed, 12.


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