GEW – Day 5: Young SoCenters get ready for MP visit

Written by , November 22, 2013

    Our final day of Global Entrepreneurship Week has landed us at Walworth Academy for...



Our final day of Global Entrepreneurship Week has landed us at Walworth Academy for an Enterprise-in-a-Box session.

We took two teams on the journey of making a profit while at the same time helping people and the planet by selling ethical products. Young people received a box of 17 environmentally-friendly Seedboms and were trained on how to sell and promote their business by our Education Officers – students will decide on strategy and pricing.

In a few weeks they will be presenting their profits and results of their business plan to their peers and Simon Hughes MP who is visiting our next session. From customer relations to marketing, we will see what skills they have learned in their their very first enterprise experience.

“This was really useful because some students might not always make the right career choice so having these skills can help them turn their lives around. I want to restore classic vehicles or be an engineer when I’m older with my own car business. I already know the skills I’ll need; business, mechanical, design, painting and communication. I really think this workshop was great especially because of the product we will be selling, it’s recycled and will help the environment.” Jack, 14

One group had a lot of Sunflower Seedboms so decided to market their Poppy and Thyme Seedboms at a higher price while the other team thought it would be a good idea to make leaflets and post them through doors of people with gardens.

What did the teacher think?

“It’s really good to bring MyBnk in for enterprise because it’s different, we did it last year as well and it was really effective because MyBnk are so supportive of the school, they make the young people feel really comfortable and they interact well with them, the students here today are doing business studies so this will contribute to their unit 1 assignment and will lead them on to creating their own business plans which MyBnk sets the tones for.” Alicia Pennant, Business Studies teacher.

“It’s good to teach enterprise to young people because it gives us the skills to start our own, even if you end up not doing that in the future it is worthwhile. I’ve learnt you have to be persuasive and confident when selling, we have more Sunflower Seedboms than the others so we’re going to price these lower and have the poppies and thyme more expensive, it’s all about deals! I think I’d like to have my own business in the future and I enjoyed the MyBnk workshop because it’s different to what we do in class, it gave us the chance to do something for ourselves.” Millie, 14.


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