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Written by , November 22, 2017

Earlier this month, MyBnk was asked by The Sunday Times to recommend our best books...

Earlier this month, MyBnk was asked by The Sunday Times to recommend our best books for young millennials wanting to master their money.

Not all of them made the presses so we wanted to share some of the crews prime picks……

For 18-25 year olds:

  • Education Officer, Stephen Champion tips Daniel Khaneman’s “Thinking Fast & Slow”. He says: “It is the best book I’ve read to help me manage money. It’s about behavioural economics and taught me why people end up making irrational spending choices. Behavioural Economics is on the A Level Economics Curriculum so this book is ideal for aspirational & intelligent 18-25 year-olds.”
  • Head of Communications, Declan Wilkes, backs Iona Bain’s “Spare Change“. He says: “It’s an excellent hands on practical guide for forging a healthier relationship with money. The author is the founder of the award-winning Young Money Blog and she shares her wisdom and stands up for young people buffeted by the choppy waters of personal finance regularly on national media. Check her out on Twitter.”
  • Education Director, Sharan Jaswal, has Andrew Priestley’s “The Money Chimp” on her book shelf. Aimed at 18-25 year olds, it focuses on breaking the cycle of debt with 10 proven money management principals. Big promises are made on becoming debt-free in 10 days!

For the younger ones (7-11):

  • CEO, Guy Rigden tips “Save Your Acorns” by Robert Gardner. Written by the founder of pensions firm Redington and their financial literacy outfit RedStart, the woodland critter story teaches young children, and their families about the importance of budgeting, saving, investing and sharing. Available via Amazon.
  • Freelance Education Officer, Louise McNestrie, recommends Money For Kids by Tegan Helen. She says: “Tegan wrote this aged seven! It busts jargon and focuses on achieving financial freedom. She also helps MyBnk build relevant and engaging money lessons for her peers via our Youth Advisory Panel.” Available via Amazon.

  • MyBnk Money Manga comics. If you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve created a series of comics for parents to engage their child in concepts such as saving, spending and budgeting. Part of our flagship financial education programme for primary school, Money Twist Key Stage 2, it is accompanied with lesson plans and activities. Together you’ll help put on a space party for your pal who’s returning from an intergalactic mission, all within budget!




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