Student wins big bucks in Global Money Week competition!

Written by , May 14, 2015

A MyBnk participant bagged a cool £100 to kick start his savings after winning a...


A MyBnk participant bagged a cool £100 to kick start his savings after winning a financial education competition.

Wimbledon College pupil Richard Appiah, 12, beat 1,000 entrants in the Demotivator poster contest as part of the Global Money Week awareness campaign with the Institute of Charted Accountants of England and Wales.

During a Money Twist programme, our expert Education Officers taught Richard and his class how to budget, bank and borrow and understand the difference between wants and needs in interactive workshops that build good habits, like saving. Richard discovered he was spending big money on Haribos and made a savings pledge to cut back, designing a poster that scooped top prize!

During Global Money Week, through competitions, special events and free resources, MyBnk armed 8,000 11-25 year olds with key life skills in money master classes, youth-led saving banks and marketplace enterprise loan challenges across the UK and beyond.

“I have a bank account and it’s going straight in! MyBnk have helped me learn how to save so I can spend my money on useful things and not waste it.” Richard Appiah.

“While financial education is now being taught in secondary schools, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for building a nation of savvy savers. Making effective financial decisions has never been more important. Financial education needs to branch out of the curriculum and become embedded in everyday life. And it starts from talking about money with children at a young age. We are thrilled to support initiatives with MyBnk to help reach more young people and empower them to make informed decisions.” ICAEW Director for Global Student Recruitment, Sharon Spice.


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