GMW 2015: Day 4 – You can ring my (opening) bell – LSE

Written by , March 12, 2015

Day 4 of Global Money Week kick off with a very early yet very exciting...

Day 4 of Global Money Week kick off with a very early yet very exciting bang as we headed down to London Stock Exchange to ring the opening trading bell! 


Helping us were students of Mount Carmel Secondary School for Girls and we were also joined by LSE CEO Alexander Justham who praised the “inspirational” initiative, the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and organisers Children and Youth Finance International.

“It’s amazing being here and it makes me think about money in a totally different way. I’m learning too – the theme for GMW is saving, I’ve just found out I spend £700 a year on sweets! I’m making a savings pledge today to cut down.” Samina Ahmed, 13, Mount Carmel – Secondary School for Girls, London.

On the penultimate day of Global Money Week we have been around the country again  teaching money life skills to hundreds of young people to help them in their futures.

From The Petchey Academy to an National Citizenship Service group in Cornwall, young people are starting our Enterprise-in-a-Box programme learning how to handle money as they earn it, giving them the tools to start up their own businesses and make real money.

Hundreds of students at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy as well as Parkside Academy took part in our Money Twist sessions each creating their own personal budget plans and learning about tax deductions and how payslips work to prepare for working when they are older.

Young care leavers in Lambeth tackled Money Works to learn how to move into independent living. It’s also been very exciting at our youth-led bank, MyBnk-in-a-Box at St Michael’s College, London, where our MyBnkers there are helping their fellow students save, many had set a savings goal for Mothers Day – mums can thank us later!


“I want to save to help myself so I can buy things I want. When you’re older you’ve got to know how to save, you’ll have to pay your own bills so you can’t spend your whole life wasting your money on junk.” Mary, 13, young saver.

Finally at Prendergast Ladywell School we ran our enterprise education programme Back My Business. Young people there are preparing to host their own market place at the end of the month, dealing with real loans and learning all about the importance of correct pricing and making a profit, watch this space!

On top of all this our money adviser has been giving free 1-2-1 Money Advice to young people at Peabody Darwin Court explaining the importance of staying out of debt and teaching important life skills through working with money and the benefit of having a budget plan.

Tomorrow, on the final day of GMW, we will be back out delivering money skills to young people across the country, from bank accounts and budgeting to learning about university costs.


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