MP praises students who quadruple their enterprise dough

Written by , November 18, 2016

  Smashed it! Ruth Cadbury MP has hailed Year 8 Students at The Green School...



Smashed it!

Ruth Cadbury MP has hailed Year 8 Students at The Green School who made £250 profit in a social enterprise challenge. 

In just four days, 12 year olds went from drawing board to bona-fide traders, selling £60 of ethical goods like urban guerrilla gardening Seedbombs, Fair Trade chocolate and natural beauty products to make a 400% profit!

Experts from the education charity MyBnk taught them how to give sales pitches, budget, market products and write business plans.

The Brentford & Isleworth MP said: “Supporting entrepreneurship skills is key to building a thriving economy and is an opportunity to reduce youth unemployment across the UK. MyBnk’s enterprise programmes puts young people’s new business skills into action with tangible outcomes. By starting from an early age we can ensure confident, resilient and engaged citizens ready to sell Britain to the world.”

Ella Traczy, 12: “I really loved the sense of achievement, and as a group we made lots of money. I really enjoyed our presentation at the end and receiving our certificates. I really want to continue selling the products with MyBnk.”


The Enterprise-in-a-Box project, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, is helping thousands of young people in London’s poorest boroughs learn key employability and soft skills like negotiating and customer interaction.

The Isleworth school session took place during Global Entrepreneurship Week where hundreds of thousands of young people across the world learnt about business, by doing it for real.

Chrissy Humphrys, Teacher, The Green School: “The MyBnk sessions are practical and innovative. These kind of classes are crucial to young people of today. I was really impressed with the style of teaching, and the great connection they have with the children.”  

Emily Wooden, 12: “We inherited lots of responsibility. We encouraged each other and loved the opportunity to sell. The best part was actually seeing the money we have raised. I got a great buzz being creative in our presentations at the end of the session.”


Natasha Sisodie, 12: “EIB gave me the opportunity to make money and improve on my communication skills. I enjoyed interacting with my friends and MyBnk taught me a lot. We complimented each other and learned from each other.”

MyBnk CEO Guy Rigden: “This is the power of enterprise! Young people not only learnt vital employability skills, they used their new business smarts to make big profits. Projects like ours are a key first step in young people being their own boss.”

If you would like us to bring our financial capability and enterprise workshops to your young people, contact [email protected] or if you are interested in supporting our mission, contact [email protected] for more information.


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