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Written by , September 15, 2015

  Students from a London Pupil Referral Unit have raised over £200 for a fellow pupil’s...


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Students from a London Pupil Referral Unit have raised over £200 for a fellow pupil’s hospital costs after a MyBnk enterprise education challenge.

Jamel Stevens* has been hospitalised with a serious chest infection since earlier this year and his family were struggling to afford the travel expenses to be with him in a specialist unit in Cambridge.

In one week, 10 young people from New Directions from the went from drawing board to Queens Market, Newham, using interest free micro loans. They made their own designer jams and sauces and are now taking orders on their website.

Our Education Officers taught them how to design and sell products, write business plans, give sales pitches and budget.

The Mind Your Own Business project, supported by Blackstone Charitable Foundation, is helping hundreds of disadvantaged young people in London’s poorest boroughs.

MyBnk CO-CEO Lily Lappena said: “This is the power of enterprise! Young people not only learnt vital employability and soft skills, they used their new business smarts to help a friend. Projects like ours are a key first step in young people being their own boss.”

Kelvin, Teaching Assistant, New Directions Pru said: ”These students have done themselves proud. They had a purpose, a goal and they all worked onwards it with discipline, more so than in other classes. This experience will help them be more confident, improve their job prospects and become entrepreneurs. I can’t thank MyBnk enough for bringing their workshops to our young people”.

* Not real name.

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