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Thank you for bringing MyBnk into your home!

We believe that to properly manage your money, you need to start learning about it from an early age to make positive choices in the future. This is why your child has been taking part in Money Twist KS2 – a series of workshops delivered by MyBnk at their school.

The workshops are designed to be interactive, fun and aim to develop positive money habits and mind-sets.

Families are the most important messengers in children’s lives, and you are key to supporting them to develop the healthy attitudes and behaviours that lay the foundation for future financial capability.

These supporting materials accompany your activity pack which is designed to help families support their children’s learning in a fun way at home.

We would love to hear your feedback and stories of Money Twist in action! Please share your insights via [email protected] or on Twitter,Facebook or Instagram.


Keeping up! – Upper Key Stage 2, Session 1.

Why save?- Lower Key Stage 2, Session 1.

Where’s my wallet? Lower Key Stage 2, Session 1. 

Searching for the items

Here are the answers… We hope you had fun.

Lower Key Stage 2, Session 2.

Crossword answers 

Where do fish keep their money?

Here are the answers…