See how independent, expert-led financial education has made a lasting impact on the lives of young people.

Latest: Primary School Impact Report


MyBnk takes the impact of our financial education and enterprise programmes very seriously.

Our programmes are designed to provide short, intensive educational experiences that ‘join the dots’; and build up young people’s existing capabilities. We aim to develop young people’s core knowledge and skills, boosting their confidence to successfully apply their learning and take positive steps in their lives.

We use an outcomes-based monitoring and evaluation system with teachers, facilitators and young people, employing a range of data-collection methods to evaluate the effect of our workshops.

We collect data at baseline, endline, and follow up points, comparing to control data from non-participants. Quantitative data is supplemented with qualitative interviews and focus groups with a range of stakeholders.
Where possible, we access data associated with individuals, such as their rent arrears, evictions and movement into employment and training.

In 2017/18 we trialled our first delayed gratification test with primary school children, taking inspiration from the 1960’s Stanford ‘Marshmallow Experiment’.

Money Advice Service 'What Works' - Primary Impact Report 2017/18

Young people can defer gratification and start saving if exposed to expert-led financial education at primary school age, according to a ground-breaking study of MyBnk’s  workshops in England.

Substance, an independent research group, found 7-11 year olds are also able to understand new knowledge such as banking, gain skills like budgeting, forge habits including resisting temptation and conceptualise the future by recognising the consequences of financial decisions.

The academic yearlong study analysed data from 1,444 pupils and 187 teachers at 86 schools participating in our Money Twist programmes as part of the Money Advice Service’s (MAS) ‘What Works’ project testing the effectiveness of interventions across the UK.

Source: MyBnk, Substance, Ipsos Mori. 2017/18.


Dramatic improvements in financial capability were detected with pupils reporting low knowledge, confidence and regular saving patterns. Sessions including videos, manga comics, games and role play covered the value of money, consumer choices, mind-sets and prioritisation. Four hours of face-to-face expert led sessions were supported with six hours of teacher resources and four hours of family activities.

Key documents:

Independent Assessment

MyBnk’s programmes are also scrutinised by external evaluators who set their own impact measurement criteria and have access to our sessions and stakeholders.

In 2017 / 2018 four of MyBnk’s major programmes Money Twist Primary, Money Twist Secondary, Money Works and The Money House are being assessed independently. Three of these projects are part of the Money Advice Service’s What Works Fund, looking to test the effectiveness of financial capability interventions across the UK.

We are also currently conducting the first social value calculations of our programmes to show the financial benefit of our work for both individuals and society. Reports will be published on this page from Summer 2018 (register here to keep up to date with MyBnk).

Money Advice Service & University of Bristol -
Evidence Hub.

The Money Advice Service’s ‘Evidence Hub’ has found MyBnk is delivering proven and evaluated financial education programmes for young people.

Dozens of UK projects were scrutinised examining ‘what works’ in financial literacy in an effort to raise standards and outcomes.

According to the hub, our flagship schools programme, Money Twist, for 11-18 year olds resulted in financial capability improvements in:

  • Mindset: Attitudes, values and self-belief in relation to money.
  • Ability: Knowledge about money and the financial system and increased skills.

Qualitative follow-up research conducted eight months after the programme suggests key knowledge had been retained.

More here.

Project Oracle – Evidence Hub

MyBnk won a major award from Project Oracle for proving the positive impact of our financial education programmes on the lives of young people.

The Mayor of London and Metropolitan University initiative is London’s first children and youth evidence hub. They examined our training and quality methods as well as independent assessments, concluding we are:

“…an exceptional youth sector organisation that demonstrates a direct benefit for young people’s employment and life chances”.

Simultaneously, MyBnk were certified as Standard 3, meaning we:

“Demonstrate through rigorous evaluation, that we are having a measurable effect on our most important outcomes: Financial Literacy”.

Standard 3 is:

A project that has undertaken evaluation that draws a consistent link between the project and the change in outcomes, indicating that the project has caused the observed changes. The project also has procedures in place to increase the likelihood of it being implemented in the future in ways faithful to its design.

Impact Champions

MyBnk has been recognised for its leading role in impact measurement by being accepted into the ‘Impact Champions Network’ with the New Philanthropy Capital.

Impact Champions work directly with voluntary organisations and support them to develop their impact practice, comprising a range of organisations from funders, commissioners, membership bodies and infrastructure organisations.

As an Impact Champion, MyBnk has committed to help increase the capacity for impact measurement across the sector by engaging with and increasing the use of impact practice resources, spreading awareness of the importance of impact measurement to our wider networks and establishing a best-practice code of conduct.

J.P. Morgan/Oxford ISIS Innovation Impact Report 2011

During the academic year 2010-11, four programmes were the focus of an impact evaluation by independent consultants: Money Twist, Money Works, Uni Dosh and MyBnk-in-a-Box.

295 MyBnk programmes were delivered to 6,286 young people in twenty secondary schools and youth organisations in Lambeth, London. This work was made possible with the support of the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation.

Three areas of financial capability were measured; knowledge, skills and attitudes, values & self-belief. The key findings of the report include:

  • Money Twist for 11-16 year olds, scores on all three areas increased significantly. In addition, the control group data shows there is a significant difference in knowledge, skills and attitudes of young people participating in MyBnk programmes versus those not participating.
  • The evaluation team followed up with some of those who had participated in Money Twist several months later. They found the young people recalled important ideas imparted through the programme and reporting changes in their attitudes.
  • Evaluators found strong evidence of the efficacy of Money Works programmes for vulnerable young adults.
  • Feedback on the MyBnk trainers was extremely positive, with 98.5% saying their trainer was good or very good.

MyBnk J.P. Morgan Oxford ISIS Innovation Impact Report Summary.

MyBnk J.P. Morgan Oxford ISIS Innovation Impact Full Report.

Cabinet Office 2013

In the summer of 2013, MyBnk delivered dozens of financial education programmes to over two thousand 16-18 year olds taking part in the National Citizens Service in partnership with the Cabinet Office, Reed in Partnership and the Football League Trust.

Here are the results of a sample of 441 participants in which 89% of young people said Money Twist workshops gave them good/excellent skills like budgeting and banking.

Quality & Training Team

"MyBnk provides an engaging educational experience to young people creating their own journeys."

Steve Korris

Quality and Training Director