Teacher Zone

Thank you for bringing MyBnk into your classroom!

Your commitment to financial education means that students will gain crucial knowledge on everyday money matters and positively engage with personal finance topics.

These digital assets complement the Money Twist programme and is full of fun and flexible curriculum-linked lessons to enrich and embed key learnings.

Following each MyBnk session and referring to your Teacher Pack, you can pick and choose from a 1 hour lesson plan and / or three 20 minute activities.

These are outlined in the recommended Scheme of Work, along with National Curriculum links at a glance. The more activities you run, the greater the chance pupils will develop positive money mindsets and habits to last a lifetime!

We would love to hear your feedback and stories of Money Twist in action! Please share your insights via [email protected] or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


LKS2 – Session 1:




Check out the Story of money comic strip 



UKS2 – Session 2:




Check out “Michaela’s Budget activity

‘MyBnk Manga: Space Party’









Space Party part 1 

Space Party part 2

Space Party part 3

Space Party part 4

Space Party Part 5

Space Party Part 6