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Written by , October 29, 2012

On Saturday the 6th October our fantastic YAP trekked to MyBnk HQ, overcoming the urge...

On Saturday the 6th October our fantastic YAP trekked to MyBnk HQ, overcoming the urge to lie-in as well as weekend tube closures to give us their thoughts.

First up on the agenda was discussing ‘Christmas in the Crypt’, an event for children in care on Christmas day that is the brainchild of Sally, a YAP member, and is being hosted by the Topè Project.

This is an event that young people in care are invited to, where they are given food and presents on Christmas Day. Sally spoke to the YAP about the event and asked for any ideas they had to help fundraise and create more attention. Check out their Twitter to keep up-to-date.

Our exciting new iPad budgeting game for the Money Works and UniDosh programmes was then put to the test by our expert panel.

The group were split into pairs, 1 pair acted as 1 person living in a student flat.

Each person had their student loan as their income and had to make decisions as to what they spent their money on. Every month the game would give you different options of things to spend money on, rent being the consistent option and then going out, hot date, clothing featuring too.

Here is an outline of the story and game structure.

  • The Story
    • You’re leaving home for uni and you’ll be sharing a flat
    • Need to get through a year
    • Living on student loan
    • £2,400 every 4 months
    • Every month you have to:
    • “Decide between spending your money on what you need and what you want”
    • You have to balance Quality of life w/ your bank balance”
    • There are things that you need personally
    • Also things that benefits everyone in your shared apartment
    • e.g. a tv, toaster, internet, etc.

The YAP really enjoyed the game and gave us lots of feedback to think about before it’s used in sessions.

And so, after a lot of pizza, another YAP session came to an end. Fond farewells were said and we’re already looking forward to the next one.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a member of the YAP? To find out more, check out the YAP section of our website or contact us at [email protected]