Time to Take Chaaaarge!

Written by , April 25, 2013

  MyBnk is proud to announce our membership of a new pan-industry financial education body,...


MyBnk is proud to announce our membership of a new pan-industry financial education body, uniting 25 charities and dozens of key organisations.

We are one of the inaugural partners of Take Charge, a movement formed to unite charities and use our collective strengths, experiences and knowledge to empower, engage and enable children and young people to take charge of their money, life and opportunities.

Funded by Standard Life, Take Charge is in response to the most challenging economic circumstances facing young people in a generation.

In the movement’s first year (2013), MyBnk and others will work together to; 

  • Create a State of the Nation map of existing provision of financial education and enterprise education across the UK.
  • Map the skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding that young people need in order to be financially capable, enterprising and also employable, by pooling partners’ on-the-ground expertise.
  • Identify the broader skills that make young people employable, such as critical thinking, decision making and teamwork, through a survey of business and employer groups, education and the voluntary sector.
  • Devise a five year strategy for Take Charge to set the direction of the movement in 2014 and beyond.
Things are kicking on.

Financial education is on the cusp of formally becoming a compulsory element of the National Curriculum and Personal Social Health and Economic education has retained its place in the Department for Education framework.

Take Charge is the next step in financial and enterprise education, helping us to co-ordinate and target support for young people, create better resources and enhance overall impact.

The group has dozens of affiliate organisations and an Advisory Panel, chaired by David Frost CBE, former Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce (2003-2011)

Our friends at pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) are acting as the secretariat for the Take Charge movement, offering co-ordination and leadership where necessary.

For a full list of partners, affiliate organisations and Advisory Panel members, including biographies, see www.takechargeuk.org/whos-involved.

More soon!