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Written by , March 21, 2013

      In six years and tens of thousands of face-to-face hours teaching young...




In six years and tens of thousands of face-to-face hours teaching young people how to manage their money and kick start their entrepreneurial journey – we have had some fantastic feedback and insights that have helped make robust and fun resources, better.

From September 2014, it is very likely to be made compulsory for maintained secondary schools in England to teach students financial literacy skills.

Until then, a central focus for MyBnk is to make sure teachers have the support to implement new requirments and that lessons have the quality, accessibility and effectiveness that young people deserve.

Our programmes are rated poor to excellent (1 to 4) after every session by teachers. Our average teacher score for how valuable the course has been for their young people is 3.75. They rate the effectiveness of our trainers at 3.96.

With that in mind…

The following is from Ms Sultana Begum, Head of Business Studies at Crest Academy, Brent, London, where we have been implementing Money Twist and Uni Dosh programmes, and it knocked our socks off:

“We invited in MyBnk in 2012 to work with our boys in year groups 7, 10 and 11 for a trial ; to help widen the activities we offer as part of our enterprise curriculum.

The service provided by them is one of the most organised and well-structured I have had the pleasure of working with, within 10 years of teaching and delivering enterprise activities in numerous schools.

  • MyBnk come into school organised – no photocopying required by staff or teachers, as this is all done before they arrive. Print outs are of high quality, in colour.
  • The MyBnk team are enthusiastic and skilled professionals with teaching background.  Their presenters are energetic and engage the students really well at all times, dealing with behaviour and any other issues which may arise.
  • Material used is of a high quality, it’s pleasing to the eye, relevant, useful and up to date.
  • Our teaching staff who supervised on the days, enjoyed the days very much, and as a bonus learnt some interesting facts about money matters!
  • Students of all ages left excited and couldn’t wait for follow up sessions.
  • Student completed work is left with the school – which can be displayed or sent home to parents.
  • MyBnk presenters were on time, caused very little additional work for the school and helped clear up at the end of the day – no disruption at all.
  • Interactive, engaging and excellent resources.

We have since invited MyBnk to work with our sixth form students and our girls school, Crest Girls Academy.  In addition, I have been so impressed with the work they deliver whilst in schools; I personally recommended them to a neighbour school, who have also invited them in to deliver the programmes they offer.

I would be happy to highly recommend MyBnk to any other school.  I am impressed by their work and already planning to invite them for 2013-2014 and beyond”.